Medicine with a Mission
In addition to our work in Bowling Green and the Caroline County community, each provider has spent time in the international mission field, either on medical trips or often in support of Christian Mission work around the world.  We are humbled by the opportunities we have had to spend time in Ecuador, Uruguay, India, Haiti and Turkey with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Here are just some of the pictures and stories we  have brought back for you to enjoy...
 A Report from Turkey...

I traveled to Turkey in June as a support visit for a Christian couple who have been working for several years in Turkey. As they live and work there, their goal is to develop relationships through which they can share their faith in Jesus Christ and strengthen fellow believers. My goal was to get a good picture and a full understanding of their work so that I can continue to pray effectively.

The work there is challenging for several reasons. For one, there are many cultural differences between the United States and Turkey. To effectively communicate the gospel, this couple has had to learn a lot about the local culture. For instance, if someone knocks at the door, it is expected that they will be invited in and served food and indulged in a lengthy discussion that may amble on for hours. This is quite different from our country were visits are generally prearranged and a guest is expected not to overstay his welcome.

Another difficulty with the work in Turkey is that a small but significant percentage of the population staunchly opposes Christianity. The population is almost entirely Muslim of one stripe or another. Christians there have lost their lives for their faith.

One more difficulty is the language. The Turkish language is not related to the Indo-European family of languages. Not only are the words unrelated to English, Spanish, German, or Hindu, but the word order of the sentences is entirely different. Learning the language has been quite challenging.

I spent five days there living in their home. I traveled about with the husband as he did various business errands and met with Turkish friends. I was delighted to see how well the husband was able to communicate in Turkish. I was also glad to see that the family has made many connections with Muslim neighbors with whom they have been able to share the good news. And in fact, there have been Turkish people coming to faith.

I thank God that I have been able to broaden my understanding of this work in Turkey that I have been supporting for several years now. I'm excited to see how many new believers will be added.

Antonio Valdes-Dapena, M.D.


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